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Handy pot Handy pot
A pot for cold drinks easily open by one touch hand.
Somen Senka Somen Senka
Special bowl for somen good for family consumption.
NICE TUB Nice tub
Indispensable for kitchen and bathroom use.
COOK TORAY Cook tray
Draining tray for vegetables and for pot dishes.
It is a japanese-style color cap. A container usable for outdoor and home party use. Also use as a foodstuff container.
okome Easy rice bag storage case (5kg)
Neatly store 5kg of rice, bag and all!
Available in 3 soft colors to keep your kitchen looking clean
okome2kg Easy Rice Bag Storage Case (2kg)
Fits easily into your refrigerator vegetable compartment Neatly store 2 kg of rice, bag and all! Available in 3 soft colors to keep your kitchen looking clean
capanna Bread Case

Stores two home-baked loaves of bread.
Single club Single club
Cooks rice easily from 1-2 servings in a microwave oven.
Grocery Bag Holder Grocery Bag Holder
Neatly stores those bulky piles of grocery bags. Mounts easily, and makes recycling a breeze!
Refrigerator tray (Drawer-style)
Storage tray for small items that attaches to a refrigerator shelf
Ice Cube Tray with a lid
For ice that’s always clean and fresh.
Ice tray with a lid
It has a lid, preventing odor transfers and water spills.
Plastic Bag Holder
For storing plastic bags
Pocket Holder
For storing instruction manuals, warranties, recipes, flyers, etc.
Mail Pocket
For organizing school memos, delivery menus, flyers, recipes, etc.
Grocery Bag Holder
Neatly stores bulky grocery bags
Comes with suction cups & magnets
Tissue paper box with magnets
Sticks to the refrigerator with magnets!
kitchein_mate Kitchen mate
Kitchen mate XL
For storage management of foods, beverages, cooking utensils
Collapsible Picnic Basket with Folding Tray
15 Liter Capacity
Folds after use for compact storage
Portable tray for outdoor use PICNO
Folding Picnic Tray
Easy to Open and Fold!
Cottle Cottle
Great for outdoors, sports, or with a lunchbox!
Folds up small
Compact bottle
soft_tub_plus Soft Tub Plus
Made of soft material
Folds up after use for compact storage, and it’s easy to carry. In a wide size perfect for outdoors
Bath and Laundry
hear_bath Heart clean collection
5-piece set of stylish bathing supplies. Enjoy it's beauty while taking a bath.
yu_raku YURAKU
Large basket for arranging easily small bathing supplies.
free_basket Free basket
A brown and ivory version of the basket series.
basket Basket series
A colorful basket easy to use in sanitary and laundry space.
magket Magnet series
Magnet type basket that can be put either on the side of a washing machine or in a refrigerator. Easy detaching.
buket Bucket
Working is convenient with this colorful bucket especially for garden hose. Handle can be use as a towel hanger.
soft_bucket Soft Bucket 8
Bucket made from soft material
Folds after use for compact storage
soft_tub Soft Tub
A tub made of soft material
Folds after use for compact storage
Pise Toilet Paper Box

Box for stocking toilet paper.
With a stylish design, it stores paper neatly, even in small bathrooms.
soft_yuoke Soft Bucket
Soft bucket that folds up for compact storage
soft_teoke Soft Single-Handled Bucket
Soft single-handled bucket that folds up for compact storage
Soft Bucket Mini
Small bucket made from soft material
Folds after use for compact storage
Folding basket with legs
Soft Bucket with a Lid
Bucket made from soft material, with a lid
Folds after use for compact storage.
Lid prevents spills when it’s carried.
Soft Tub Wide
Made of soft material
Folds up after use for compact storage
soft_basket Soft Basket
with Handles
15 Liter Capacity
Collapsible Basket with Handles
Folds after use for compact storage
Living Room and Desk
i_case desktop i-case
Suitable for arranging and storing accessories such as memory cards, dry cells, battery chargers, etc.
tissue_paper_box Tissue paper box
With a hook attached, tissue paper box can be use by hanging it.
rollpaper_holder Roll paper holder
It is economical because it prevents your waste. Roll paper holder cuts only the desired length to be use.
pocket_tissue_case Pocket tissue case
A quantity of tissue contains this compact and colorful case.
tissue_case_bow Tissue case BOW
BOW - shaped tissue paper box is perfect for tissue without putting the box in. Can be put in any position. Half-cut tissue can be use by putting the parting strip.
Y_shouts_case Y shirt case
A piece of y-shirt can be stocked in each shelve for almost a week.
child_desk Child desk
children use this small desk for drawing and eating snack.
tender tender
Use this tray for scattered small articles and writing instruments by installing it under the table.
sering_pallet Seiring palet
Easy to find something at a glance once you take it out of the drawer.

For storing car tools, carpentry tools, and also for kitchen seasonings.

stack_mate Stack mate
For arranging documents and articles.
dr_Q Doctor Q
Convenient to carry when you go out traveling and outdoor camping. It has an additional tray inside.
mail_pocket Mail Pocket
This item has many uses. For mails, notes, postcards, also for kitchen recipes, dish book and others.
clasket Clasket
A small, light basket with a design that stands out. Used to sort small items on or around a table or desk.
Portable Mask Case
A must-have for seasons when influenza or pollen is flourishing
Portable case for hygienically storing a mask
Medicine Drawer Organizer
Ideal for organizing medicine and small items.
Portable Desk with Tablet Slot
Lightweight, sturdy, space-saving desk.
For working, chatting, or browsing on a tablet.
Saving Energy
aircon_cover Cover for air conditioner outdoor units
Protects the unit from dust, rain, snow, and direct sunlight.
aircon_cover_wide Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit Cover Wide
Wide version of the outdoor air conditioner unit cover. Also fits industrial air conditioner units.

Air Conditioning Air Screen Cover
Controls air direction for air conditioning units to relieve the burden of wind blowing directly on your body
kutusyunou1_2 Shoes storage space 1/2
A pair of shoes is use in this storage. putting in and removing out one of the shoe is easy once the upper part is lifted.
The shoes storing stands The shoes storing stands
A pair of shoes can be stored by this space saving stands.
壁面収納シューズスタンド Wall surface storing shoes stands
shoes can be arranged neatly if this wide free storing stand is put in a wall surface long.
Trimmed case for storing shoes Trimmed case for storing shoes
Two pairs of shoes can be stored neatly in this trimmed translucent case by using the shoe storing stand.
shoes_space_1-2 Space-saving shoes storing 1/2
Small shoe cupboard space is very effective by lifting it a little higher, putting in and removing out a shoe is very easy.
Boots Keeper Boots Keeper
A model type boots keeper that prevents boots from wrinkles and deformation by means of a strong hold spring.
Boots Clip Boots Clip
Boots stands firmly when clip, preventing the boots from wrinkles and deformation.
Boots Holder Boots Holder
A new color of pink and brown joins the other boots clip.
portable_boots_holder Portable Boot Holder
For short excursions. Portable boot stand that clips to boots to keep them from losing their shape
Shoes storing half Shoes storing half
Quantity of storing shoes with three defferent height. It doubles the amount of shoe storage.
Box type storage shelf that turns 360°and moves up and down.
Umbrella Holder Umbrella Holder
Designed to hang anywhere on door
A simple, yet stylish and functional umbrella stan
cactus Cactus (shoehorn with stand)
Stylish cactus-shaped shoehorn that pulls out in a snap. When placed in the stand, it makes for a decorative entrance accessory
shoeUP Shoe Up
Puts shoes neatly away in a vertical position!
Allows compact storage of children's and women's shoes!
Torre Torre
Leverage limited entryway space by storing against a wall.
Shoe Storage Space Saver Slim 5 Pair Set
Slim type ideal for narrow shoes.
In a size suitable for ladies’ and children’s shoes..
Shoe Storage Half (Clear)
Shoe Storage for high heels with three-stage height adjustments.Store shoes efficiently in your shoe rack. Doubles storage space!
Storage displays
Collection Case Collection Case
A beautiful display case for figurines of plastic or crystal model. It gives elegance because of its design.
parts Collection Case
Collection Case Collection Case
wall hanging type
Wall hanging type of collections.
Collection Case
stands type Collection Case
stands type
Standing type of collection case for figurines of crystal and plastic model can attract easily by the appearance of the case.

COMBI Display rack combi
A combination of rack to any form or design you want to display.
Trash Bins
DUST BOX Dust box
Good for small spaces.
Mini size box. The coven or cap swings open.
Crysty Crysty
A dust box of clean color is useful for clean rooms.
D-Poi D-Poi
Natural color to match any room.
farum Farumu
A waste paper baskt modernizes a room because of its cute structure, of heart and dot design.
pendel Pendel
A stylish swing-top waste bin in a small size that’s perfect for restrooms, washrooms, and vanity areas.
The upper lid swings, keeping the contents out of sight.
Trash Bin Meluna Wall-Mounted
Trash Bin Meluna

Make efficient use of wall space.
Wall-Mounted Trash Bin Magnet

Wall-Mounted Trash Bin Magnet
Magnet used when attaching Meluna to a steel wall or desk .

Storage Boxes
TamBox Tam Box
Sectional storing box suitable for home and business use.
Book & media case Book & media case
For storing comic magazines and media.
Book & media case mini Book & media case mini
Storing box for comics, video, DVD, CD and BD. Contents can be seen even if it's close because of the transparent cap.
Books Books
Storing case for comic books, hard coverd books, paperback pocket edition. Two size of comic magazines can also be stored.
Video box Video box
Suitable for storing VHS and video tapes.
DVD case DVD case
Storing box for DVD or VHS tapes.
CD case CD case
For CD's and game softwares storing.
Paperback case Paperback case
Storing box for paper back size edition.
Books & video wide Books & video wide
It can store many wide videotapes. Floor type box can be store in any unremarkable place like under the bed.
Magazine Magazine
Storage box for magazines (fashion, catalogs, etc) suitable also for teaching materials and child magazines not easily dispose.
CD box CD box
Can store as much as many CD's and DVD's.
Easy access rotating rack for movies, books or music
Well suited for use as display shelf with chic, subdued colors
Spins for easy use in small spaces