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Folding basket with legs
This basket with legs reduces strain on your back. It makes laundry a breeze.
Use it to hold those bags or newspapers & magazines you want to keep around just a little while.
Perfect for laundry room or living room storage! After use, just fold it for compact storage.
For storing bags and such temporarily
After use, just fold it for compact storage.
For organizing children’s room
Release the sliding storage lock.
With both hands, grip the handles and pull it open.
Lower the bottom panel.
Lock the bottom panel in place.
Assembly is complete!
Put your hand in the hole of the bottom panel and release the lock.
Lift up the bottom panel.
With both hands, grip the handles and fold it inwards.
Close the sliding storage lock.
Fold-up is complete!
Foldable, so it's easy to carry and saves space

A slide storage lock secures it in place when it's folded up
Folding basket with legs ACOT
Item Number
Product size
When folded : W400×D40×H610mm
When unfolded : W400×D300×H610mm
Quantity Per Carton
Carton Size
Withstand load
About 8kg
Pink        541100
Green       541117
White       541124
Chocolate brown  541131