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Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit Cover

Protects the outdoor units from dust, rain, snow, and direct sunlight.
Patent number 4091332


●By simply covering the outdoor unit, guard against
sunlight to make your air conditioner run more efficiently during summer.
●Securely mounted with two bands to prevent being detached by wind or weather.
Width is ajustable.
Adjusts to maximum interior size of 800mm x 350mm

comes with two mounting bands
Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit Cover
Item Number  I-235
Product Size  W750〜800×D350×H82mm
Quantity Per Carton  8
Individual Carton Size  370×128×485mm
Carton Size  530×470×755mm
Materials  Body・band : Polypropylene
J A N  235108




Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit Cover Wide

Wide version of the outdoor air conditioner unit cover. Also fits industrial air conditioner units.


Comes with two mounting bands
  • Simple mounting—just place on air conditioner and fix in place with mounting bands.
  • Keeps unit out of direct sunlight in summer for more efficient air conditioning.
  • Colder temperatures around the outdoor unit will make your AC unit run more efficiently.
    Preventing sunlight from hitting the outdoor unit will lower the area temperature to effectively conserve power.
Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit Cover Wide
Item Number  I-517-3
Product Size  W855〜960×D350×H82mm
Quantity Per Carton  6
Individual Carton Size  365×125×500mm
Carton Size  520×410×755mm
Materials  Cover, mounting bar,
 Joint, band : Polypropylene
 Set screws, buckle : Nylon
J A N  517310



Air Conditioning Air Screen Cover

Controls air direction for air conditioning units to relieve the burden of wind blowing directly on your body
Design Registration No.: 1428159

Works with cooling and heating

Easy to install and remove. Easy to clean.
Can be used in summer and winterimage
Comes with air directional ajustment feature
When your toes get chills from the cold air, or the heat is on but your room doesn't get that warm, adjust the air direction of your air conditioner to makes things more comfortable.
Air Conditioning Air Screen Cover
Item Number  I-478
Product Size  W500〜698×D213×H146mm
Quantity Per Carton  20
Carton Size  520×465×353mm
Materials  Cover unit , cover extension :  Polypropylene
 (Angle adjustment arm , Locking plate):  Duracon
 Safety strap (length about 600mm):  Nylon
 Strap fastener : Nickel-plated iron
 Double-sided tape (polystyrene foam) :  Base material : foam
 Adhesive : Acrylic