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Stack Mate

Neatly arranges scattered documents for storage in open spaces on shelves, between furniture, etc.
For organizing drawers
For orderly arrangement below the desk
For neat, ordery bookshelves


Stack Mate
Item Number  I-127
Product Size  W127×D332×H235mm
Quantity Per Carton  40
Carton Size  755×525×675mm
Materials  Polypropylene
J A N  Clear 127304


Stack Mate W135
Item Number  I-185
Product Size  W155×D347×H235mm
Quantity Per Carton  30
Carton Size  785×470×710mm
Materials  Polypropylene
J A N  Clear 185380


Stack Mate XL
Item Number  I-223
Product Size  W265×D365×H246mm
Quantity Per Carton  18
Carton Size  815×375×805mm
Materials  Polypropylene
J A N  Clear 223389